VR Delivr - Mind Control Game

Mind Controlled Race

World-class interactive entertainment will delight guests at your event
Fully customisable game for two players that uses EEG headsets
Cutting edge event solutions to suit all budgets and occasions
Ideal for corporate events, exhibitions, product launches and more
Based in Poland and available for events worldwide

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Create a truly memorable experience for your event attendees with our fantastic mind control game, an innovative piece of interactive entertainment where two or more players compete in a race through brain power alone!

Using the very latest technology, this state of the art game pits players against each other as they battle it out in an onscreen race to be the first to reach the finish line. Each wearing a headset that measures brain activity, players must use their concentration and willpower to increase the speed of their vehicle, plane, animal, or any object of your choice in order to beat their opponent and become the champion. 

An exciting and dynamic event entertainment option, this incredible interactive game is sure to have mass appeal, and will really take your occasion to the next level. World-class corporate entertainment, our racing game is ideal for product launches, exhibitions, brand events, conferences, trade shows, and more.

Top Tip:
Our interactive digital game technology can be tailor-made to suit your event, with the racing objects, setting, and environment all fully customisable with plenty of options for branding.

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