Mobile Beer Bar

A guided drinks tour that takes groups of friends or workmates around the beautiful Seville
A one-hour group bike tour that includes beverages, sound equipment and an experienced guide
This mobile beer service can be booked by groups of up to 50 people
This private beer tour takes participants to some of Seville’s most famous corners like Plaza de Espana and Torre del Oro
This Mobile Beer Bar is available for bookings in Seville

Mobile Beer Bar PHOTOS

This Mobile Beer Bar is the perfect service for bachelor parties, birthdays, office parties and other celebrations taking place in Seville. This guided drinks tour can be booked by groups of six and up to 18 people, although more vehicles can be provided for larger groups.

This group bike tour will take groups of friends or workmates around Seville. They will visit some of the most noteworthy monuments and corners of the Andalusian city while enjoying some refreshing beers. Our mobile beer service includes a driver and a quantity of beverages previously agreed with each group.

Vehicles work with a drive force distribution control system. They are driven by an experienced guide who will not only lead the tour, but he will also encourage participants to have fun and make them discover the most beautiful places of the capital of Andalusia.

During one hour, groups of friends will have the opportunity to do a different activity together. In the case of workgroups, this guides drinks tour is the perfect activity to socialise in a different environment, get to know each other better and create shared memories together. Our Mobile Beer Bar could be a reward for hardworking teams who have reached their targets or a fun way to say goodbye to bachelorhood. Laughs and fun are more than guaranteed!

The price of this group bike tour includes:

  • One hour tour around Seville
  • Vehicle with bar and coolers
  • Drinks
  • Driver
  • Sound Equipment
  • Microphone and party lights

This private beer tour includes the following stops:

  • Puente de los Remedios
  • Plaza de Espana
  • Rio Guadalquivir
  • Palacio San Telmo
  • Puera Jerez
  • Torre del Oro
  • Torre de Plta
  • Plaza de Cuba

If you’re interested in booking this Mobile Beer Bar, don’t hesitate to contact us today and make your enquiry. Our wonderful team of entertainment experts will me happy to assist you and guide you through the booking process.



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