Cia Asacocirco - O Thief Paxaros

Neon Puppet Show

A magical storytelling performance for children and families
Makes public of all ages dive into the mysteriously magical world
Full of fluorescent objects, magic invisibility and black light
A magnificent theatrical puppet show that captivates audiences
Based in Spain and Portugal and available to perform at events worldwide

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These professional performers transform any space into a small circus, where laughter, risk and spectacle are guaranteed in all of its actions! A daring performance for the young at heart, this theatre show is based on circus arts and is presented in lovingly; greatly stimulating, clear language, an unusual sense of rhythm and tempo, live music and many surprises.

The style and mood of these artists have no boundaries and have captivated audiences of all ages. They have researched, created, travelled, laughed and also cried to get their magnificent theatrical shows presented at various festivals of street theatre and circus.

The Thief of Birds:

The scene is set with a fusion of nature and colours, with the introduction of black light and a dreamlike ambience. Fluorescent lights and clubs create suggestive geometric shapes in unique and surprising ways. It is a family show where the adults will find themselves also amazed. A universe of action, intensity and colour, thanks to the thoughtfully prepared sketches and creations of the artists in addition to narration and live music. All that transmits the essence of the circus to the young audience.

The show is suitable for a range of events, including theatrical shows, festivals, carnivals, family shows, corporate events, private parties and much more.

Book the Neon Puppet show by getting in touch with us today. Our fantastic wonderful team of Entertainment Specialists will be delighted to answer all the questions you may have about this live entertainment option and assist you in the booking process.


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