Sweet Dixie Jazz

New Orleans Jazz Bordeaux

A charming, professional and chic Swing Jazz quintet
Perform all of the Jazz classics from Armstrong to Ellington
Composed of a bassist, saxophonist, clarinet player and ukulele
Perfect for corporate events, weddings, or vintage / Great Gatsby themes
Based in Bordeaux and available to perform at events in France

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New Orleans Jazz Band was born at the end of the last century on the West Coast of Aquitaine, France.

They are a charming and chic quintet, composed of a bassist, saxophonist, clarinet player, washboard and ukulele.

Over the years the band have performed extensively at a range of events, including festivals of jazz, rock, weddings, bistros corner, lounges, receptions and business dinners in the finest vineyards in the world.

This friendly and classy quintet are to be enjoyed without moderation, performing Jazz classics from Armstrong to Ellington, Cab Calloway and Sidney Bechet, with a touch of rhythm n'blues.

They are perfect for corporate events, wedding or vintage / great gatsby evenings; their charisma, passion, and love for music is clear throughout every performance.