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Outdoor Group Challenge France

An exciting and fun off-site teambuilding activity for workgroups in France
This outdoor team game is available for groups of 30 people onwards
An activity that requires both mental and physical agility but that can be adapted to different fitness levels
The different challenges teams will face involve communication, collaboration and problem solving skills
This Outdoor Group Challenge is available for bookings in Toulouse and other locations across France

Outdoor Group Challenge France PHOTOS

Invite your employees or work colleagues to participate in this Outdoor Group Challenge in France, an exciting and fun off-site teambuilding activity designed for large workgroups of 30 people onwards. The number of participants can vary upon request, so no matter if your group is bigger or smaller, our team of experts will sort this out for you.

Participants will meet at an agreed venue and will be divided into teams. Each team will have to choose a leader. They will be provided with a roadmap in which they will find various challenges and activities they will have to face and carry out. The different tests, tasks, races and challenges involve communication, collaboration and both mental and physical agility.

This off-site teambuilding activity can be adapted to different fitness levels, so it is an outdoor team game suitable for people with different abilities and talents. However, participants must have an adventurous spirit and demonstrate good sportsmanship.

Some of the activities and challenges contenders will have to face include:

  • Coconut race
  • Insect tasting challenge
  • Communication test
  • Solving a riddle/enigma
  • Obstacle course
  • Round pole

The price of this exciting outdoor team game includes:

  • Trained staff/leaders
  • All the necessary equipment and material needed for the different challenges
  • Venue rental (if required)

Enquire about this Outdoor Group Challenge in France today by contacting our in-house team of entertainment experts. They will be happy to provide further information on this corporate teambonding activity and guide you through the booking process.

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