Dreams and Adventures - Daytime Orienteering

Outdoor Orienteering Activity

A off-site team building activity that is all about orientation and teamwork
An adventurous experience suitable for large workgroups working towards shared goals
A group of at least 30 participants is divided in teams and provided with maps and compasses
An open-air exercise that tests interpersonal skills, leadership, delegation and time management
This Outdoor Orienteering Activity can be booked in different locations around Spain

Outdoor Orienteering Activity PHOTOS

Offer your employees or workmates the opportunity to participate in an exciting Outdoor Orienteering Activity, the perfect external teambonding experience to encourage leadership, teamwork, collaboration and problem solving, not to mention the interpersonal and communication skills that can be developed.

This thrilling ‘adventure’ will take place in a forest. In a meeting point previously agreed, monitors will divide a group of at least 30 participants in different teams. Each team will be provided with a compass, a map with some locations marked on it and a piece of flip chart paper. The activity will revolve around finding these locations in the shortest time possible.

Participants will know they’ve found a location when they see a beacon and a pen. They need to mark their piece of flip chart paper with the pen to prove they found each location. Everybody must complete this exercise in less than three hours, so teams must be aware of the time and learn how to manage it properly.

Designed to test people’s interpersonal skills, this open-air group work initiative is the perfect team building entertainment activity for large workgroups. Off-site team building activities such as this allows workmates to socialise in a different environment and do something different and adventurous together. By participating in this open-air group work exercise, they will create memories together and learn how to work together towards shared goals and targets.

The price of this Outdoor Orienteering Activity includes:

  • Advice on location
  • Venue booking
  • Canvas tents (where possible)
  • Setting up and dismantling of all the equipment and material used
  • Transportation of all the necessary equipment and material to venue
  • Monitors and qualified staff
  • Decorative elements such as banners upon request
  • Internal communication system
  • Portable 1,000 Watt PA system
  • Medals for the winning teams

At the end of the day, winning teams will be awarded with medals during a short but meaningful ceremony.

Find out more about this entertaining outdoor teambonding experience by contacting us today and making an enquiry. Our in-house team of experts will be happy to assist you and guide you through the booking process.