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Outdoor Strategy Game Barcelona

An interactive off-site teambuilding activity involving strategies and tactics to follow
Team building entertainment ideal for large groups of up to 1,000 people
An entertaining tactical game that requires collaboration, communication and decision making
Participants will be provided with tablets, maps and tracking devices that will help them get oriented in the centre of Barcelona
This Outdoor Strategy Game is available for bookings in Barcelona

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Encourage your colleagues or employees to experience something different together by inviting them to participate in this fun Outdoor Strategy Game in Barcelona. This entertaining off-site teambonding activity will contribute to the development of skills such as leadership, collaboration, problem solving and decision making, among others.

This team building entertainment activity will take place in Barcelona city centre. Participants will meet at an agreed point, where they will be divided intro different teams. Each team will be provided with an iPad or tablet, walkie talkies, maps and a tracking device. Our trained staff will then explain how this tactical teambuilding game works.

Each team will need to choose one member who will be their ‘key master’. The objective of the game is to guide each key master to a safe portal and avoid other teams wounding him/her. All teams will follow different routes, but their paths will cross at certain points. All members need to plan how to ensure their key masters are not ‘injured’, as each wound deducts points in the competition. 

Along the way, they will come across different characters who will provide further clues and instructions on how to reach the portal. In their search, teams will get to know better lesser-known (but still charming) parts of Barcelona.

Designed for large workgroups of up to 1,000 people, this corporate teambonding exercise’s duration is around two and a half hours. During this time, work colleagues will have the opportunity to test their strategic skills and create ties of friendship with fellow team members.

This corporate outdoor teambonding experience includes:

  • Tablets, maps and tracking devices
  • Trained staff who guide and punctuate the teams
  • Actors who will provide clues along the way
  • Refreshments

Are you interested in booking this exciting Outdoor Strategy Game in Barcelona? Then don’t wait anymore and contact us today. Ask to speak to one of our entertainment coordinators, who will be happy to provide further details on our team building entertainment options and assist you in the booking process.

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