Corporactivity - Paella Competition

Paella Workshop

A group food masterclass ideal for large workgroups and Mediterranean food lovers
Experienced chefs will teach teams the art behind creating the perfect paella and guide them through the process
This three-hour Mediterranean cooking class includes welcome drinks, a guided visit and an open bar
A Spanish food workshop available for group sizes from 50 up to 240 people
This Paella Workshop takes place in a 12th century country house in Catalonia

Paella Workshop PHOTOS

What a better way to bond than learning and teambuilding with food? This is exactly what this Paella Workshop is about. A Mediterranean cooking class that takes place in a beautiful 12th century country house in Catalonia, this Spanish food workshop can be the perfect opportunity for work colleagues to socialise and do something different together. Groups of 50 and up to 240 people can participate in this fun group food masterclass.

Surrounded by fresh air and vineyards, participants will be divided in teams of 10 or 12 people each. To begin with, an experienced chef will explain all there is to know about the science behind cooking the perfect paella. The chef will also provide a live demonstration and then will ask participants to follow some instructions and cook a paella themselves.

Guided by one chef, each team will have to cook this famous Spanish dish so it can compete with other paellas at the end of the activity. Once the paellas are finishes, the master chef will judge which team deserves victory.

When the Mediterranean cooking class is over, the best is yet to come. All groups will have the chance to taste each other’s creations and share a nice meal together with beautiful views and in great company. Best of all? Meals will be completed with a traditional starter and a delicious dessert as well as beer, wine or soft drinks.

This three-hour Spanish food workshop’s price include:

  • Welcome drinks (champagne)
  • Guided visit to the traditional ‘masia’ (country house)
  • Aprons for each participant
  • Paella ingredients
  • All necessary equipment for paella preparation
  • Hors D’oeuvres served during workshop
  • Open bar during paella preparation (participants can order beer, wine, sangria or soft drinks)

If you would like to book this fantastic Paella Workshop, don’t wait anymore and make an enquiry. Contact us today and ask to speak to one of our entertainment coordinators, who will be happy to provide further details and assist you in the booking process



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