Marco Mr. Tam Tam

Percussionist Marco

World class percussionist/tam tam player enchanting audiences worldwide
Has performed in Dubai, Paris, Mexico City, Los Angeles and New York
Shared the stage with Fat Joe, Belly and Massari
Toured Canada and France for over 600,000 people
Career has led him to American Music Awards & performing at CBS Studios

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Marco is revolutionizing live music globally with his exhilarating drum beats. Going beyond the conventional drum set, Marco is electrifying crowds as large as 100,000 with his flashy darbuka, giving new life to modern house, hip hop, pop, and Latin-American sets.

Captivating crowds in Montreal, Toronto, Boston, New York, Detroit, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Paris, Dubai and Mexico City, his unique and commercial appeal extends internationally. Not only thriving as a solo performer, Marco has performed with major artists Fat Joe, Belly, Massari, Karl Wolf, Mia Martina and Danny Fernandes.

Massari calls him, “An amazing showman!” and Karl Wolf says, “Marco is pumping up crowds all over the world! His show is crazy!” Having recently toured with acclaimed comedian Rachid Badouri across Quebec and France for over 600,000 people, Marco’s career has led him to attend the American Music Awards and perform at CBS studios.


Sheikh of UAE

" Marco is taking darbuka mainstream. He is pumping up crowds all over the world! His show is crazy! "

Karl Wolf

" My man Marco is killin’ it on the drums! That sh*t is dope! "

Fat Joe

" Such an amazing showman with such high energy that I had to have him perform with me "