Vegetal Indoor

Plant Wall Event Décor

Our plant wall event décor boasts ecological and unique interior design
Choose from a stabilised vegetable painting or design composition to add a bit of greenery to your next event
With vegetable walls, vegetable tables, stabilised plants, vegetary walls and flowers your venue can be transformed into a luscious destination
Perfect for health brands, offices, corporate events, private parties, hotels and interior designers
Based in Angers France and available for worldwide bookings

Plant Wall Event Décor PHOTOS

Watch your event be transformed into a green wonderland with our plant wall event décor. With gorgeous greens filling every corner, our team of creatives work with you to create completely bespoke pieces of artificial vegetation that brighten every room and add a luscious element to all occasions. 

With a range of designs to choose from our plant walls offer vegetables without maintenance and are 100% natural, with no need for watering or trimming. Having worked and designed bespoke vegetable walls and creations for shopping malls, interior designers, hotels, restaurants, office spaces, high end events and private parties our plant walls boast a stunning addition to every space. 

  • Vegetable Walls

Transform your venue and decorate the walls with stabilised vegetables and plants! A tool used by many architectures and interior designers, the vegetable walls can be adapted to fir all dimensions, shapes and inserts – adapting to any interior from modern new builds to classic historical buildings. Our plant walls do not require any hydraulic installation, electricity or maintenance. Event décor that is personalised to suit your tastes and your space, our creative team will select the perfect arrangements of vegetation to create a space that resembles you and your brand.

  • Stabilised Plants

Decorate your shopping mall, corporate event, private party or office with our no watering, no maintenance and no light needed plants. 100% natural, these stunning plants boast greenery that helps you achieve the perfect look without the stress of maintaining a real life plant.

A fantastic addition to any event and occasion, these intricate designs, vegetable walls and stabilised plants boast a stunning look that instantly instils happiness and brightens every room.

To book our plant walls event décor or for more information, contact our Entertainment Specialists today.


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