Pamela Donohoo - Pole Aerialist

Pole Aerialist Las Vegas

Our pole aerialist performs daring and beautiful movements that will guarantee to WOW all audiences
Highly trained aerial dancer has perfected the aerial pole to create breath taking performances
Our female acrobat and gymnast sends thought provoking messages through her powerful choreography, perfect for fundraisers and charity events
Previous clients include: Nickelodeon, BET Awards, Arbonne and many more
Based in Las Vegas and available for worldwide bookings

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Our highly trained aerial dancer has perfected her aerial pole act with daring moves that are contrasted with elegant motifs. Our female acrobat and gymnast showcases her talents as a pole aerialist through mesmerising performances that leave audiences wanting more.

Scarlett Entertainment’s female acrobat demonstrates incredible efforts of strength as she supports herself in mind air whilst she manipulates and moves around her aerial pole, performing daring movements that are both exciting and beautiful to watch. Our artistic female acrobat brings people together and inspires thoughts around empathy, compassion, global and cultural engagement sustainability and the empowerment of women through her thought provoking and powerful choreography. 

Our pole aerialist brings a female warrior character to her performance as her dance motifs and tribal music reinforce feelings of empowerment, strength and beauty. She is a strong warrior who displays her strength to her audiences as she holds herself in mid air, performing stunning dances around her pole whilst telling a story through movement.

This performance is perfect for any event that wants to WOW audiences but also wishes to provide a message of sustainability and empowerment which can be adapted to a theme or cause making this an extremely powerful tool for fundraisers and charities. An extremely talented gymnast and aerial dancer, our performer has worked with previous clients such Nickelodeon, BET Awards, Arbonne and many more to create breath taking and powerful aerial pole performances that instil as sense of pride in all those who witness this fantastic aerial dancer. 

To book our Pole Aerialist contact our Entertainment Specialists, or to see more acts from our talented acrobat visit her Duo Hoop, Aerial Silk and Duo Rope pages.  

  • Anaheim Convention Center
  • Franco Dragone Entertainment Group
  • Nickelodeon
  • Sierra Leone Rising
  • The University of California
  • AIDA
  • BET Awards
  • MGM Grand
  • Planet Fitness
  • Wynn Las Vegas