Treasure Box - Quick Change Act

Quick Change Act In a Bubble

Cultural fusion quick change act inside a giant bubble
Has performed the act at events all over the world
Energetic routine is enjoyed by audiences of all types
Book for indoor or outdoors events
Based in Berlin, Germany and available internationally

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Originally from Tokyo, in Japan, our international performer delivers a highly exciting Quick Change Act In a Bubble that is guaranteed to wow your guests. She has devised a really exciting and unusual quick change act that takes place inside a large inflatable sphere. It is very unusual to find a quick change performer and sphere act all in one. 

The Quick Change Act In a Bubble is a very impressive short routine that fascinates audiences of all types, old or young. The quick change performer creates a fun ambience as she dances inside her bubble. Staring with a contemporary black dress dancing to swing, in the flash of an eye, she changes to a traditional Oriental dress with appropriate backing music. Her final quick change transforms her into a belly dancer with an Arabic backing track. 

This quick change sphere act creates a fusion of different cultures with Western, Arabic and Oriental themes. This makes the Quick Change Act perfect for international audiences. 

Based in Berlin, the sphere act can be booked for events all over the world. The quick change performer requires very little in terms of luggage or stage space making her a super versatile act for your event, whatever it may be. 

  • Top Tip:

This multi-skilled performer has many performance options including LED dance shows, Belly Dancing, Fire Shows and much more. 

If you are interested in booking the Quick Change Act In a Bubble for your event, please contact our team at Scarlett Entertainment.