Julia Kurkina - Sand Artist

Sand Artist Montenegro

Personal sand animation stories will fill guests with heart warming experiences.
Exceptional artist can perform a logo reveal with sand art to capture your brands personality in sand.
Highly trained female sand artist will captivate guests of all ages.
A truly unique act ideal for wedding receptions, ceremonies, corporate events, and more.
Book sand artist across Montenegro for a wonderfully stunning experience.

Sand Artist Montenegro VIDEOS

Sand Artist Montenegro PHOTOS

Book our talented female sand artist for an impressive bespoke live sand animation experience that'll keep guests at the edge of their seats. Our sensational sand artist will amaze guests of all ages as she tells a wonderful custom story created with the power of sand manipulation, our sand artist can even perform a logo reveal with sand art, to provide your corporate event that extra flare it might need to hit the top. Our unique act is a stunning experience as it provides a spectacular and visually fascinating form of entertainment story telling that revolves around the fragile movement of billions of sand particles.

A versatile art performance, our female sand artist can create a multitude of sand art animations that'll see her beautiful creations come to life as she quickly and masterfully keeps the story moving. Guests' will be captivated by our sand artist and her sand painting skills, leaving their jaws on the floor as they experience our unique act. Elegant, powerful, and enchanting, a custom built sand story will provide your event with an epic wow factor as it's a great way to express your company or yourself in a fun way that includes a variety of different sand colours and concepts that can be built for you using your ideas.

Have our female sand artist perform a logo reveal with sand animation to truly capture the essence of your brand, the ideal unique entertainment option for wedding receptions, corporate events, private parties, theatre performances, festivals, and so much more. Guests will leave your event with unforgettable memories and stories.

If you'd like to book our sensational sand artist for your upcoming event or gathering, contact any of our in house entertainment experts who'll be more than happy to guide you through our detailed booking process, and answer any and all questions you might have in regards to our female sand artist.

  • Factor» in Kharkov Ukraine
  • 125-year anniversary Education System «SABIS» in Lebanon Beirut
  • La Roche-Porsay» in Lebanon Beirut
  • Arzinger» in Lvov Ukraine
  • 2012
  • Fulda» in Canada Whitehorse
  • SEB bank» in Kiev Ukraine
  • BASF» company in Germany
  • Institutional Money Kongress» in Frankfurt Germany
  • Miele»  in Switzerland
  • Toyota Auto-Centre in Hamburg Germany
  • Harry Bakery» in Berlin Leipzig Hamburg Hannover Dusseldorf Germany
  • Variete in Kulturhaus Osterfild «Wintertraume» in  Pforzheim Germany
  • 2014
  • Bosch & Siemens» in Munich Germany
  • Friedrichs 175» Frankfurt Germany
  • Naspa» in Wiesbaden Germany
  • Summer Variete Show in Bins Germany
  • Sports Festival in Verden Germany
  • Chedid Re»  in Lebanon Beirut
  • 2011
  • La mer» in Kiev Ukraine
  • Raben group» in the Lvov Odessa Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine.
  • Transaero» in Kiev Ukraine
  • Toyota» in Dusseldorf and Essen Germany
  • Starclub Variete» in Kassel Germany
  • TOP» in Berlin Germany
  • Die Funkelstadt» in Dresden Germany
  • 2013
  • Korber Schleifrimg» company in St. Morits Switzerland
  • Suzuki S.Cross Sх4 in Barcelona Spain
  • Clariant Innovation Centre» in Frankfurt Germany
  • Variete  Porta P. » in  Bremerhaven  Germany
  • TEDI» company in Dortmund Germany
  • Friedrichsbau Variete» in Stuttgart Germany
  • 2015
  • Zimmer Biomet»  Sweden
  • Main Berlin in sand gemalt» 70min history of Berlin theater in Berlin Germany
  • Wiehnacht Variete Show in  Switzerland
  • 2016
  • Palazzo»  Dinner show in Saarbrucken Germany
  • Hamberger»  150 years in Germany
  • DWK Corporation» in Kiev Ukraine


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