Sax and Guitar Duo Budapest

Party in style with the guitar and saxophone duo
Incredible charismatic and energetic live duo put on a great show
Perform party music perfect for filling up a club dance floor
One of the region’s premier live entertainment acts
Based in Budapest and available internationally

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Driving audiences crazy at some of the most prestigious clubs around Budapest and performing party music all around Hungary, the awesome sax and guitar duo are expert entertainers who really know how to get the crowd going. 

The live show orientates around the lively and energetic sax and guitar duo. They perform with their own touring DJ or with a local or in-house DJ adding their live instrumentation to a selection of house, funky house and Latin house music and basically any party music. The party band provide exhilarating live music and because it is backed by pumping beats, it is guaranteed to have all types of audiences up off their seats and on the dance floor. 

With over 17 years experience providing live music entertainment, you know you’ll be in good hands with the guitar and sax duo. They turn, what could be, a lifeless DJ performance into a high energy, visually exciting live music show that audience all over the world can become a part of. With their wireless equipment they are free to roam and perform whilst in the crowd. You can often find the duo standing on the bar playing an exuberant improvised solo.

From nightclubs to beach parties, weddings to private parties, this guitar and sax band are the perfect choice for a lively atmosphere and an unforgettable experience. The party band regularly entertain audience with their exciting live music act and can been seen all over Hungary as well as parts of Slovakia, Czech Republic, Serbia and Romania. 

To book the sax and guitar duo to provide your event with top notch party music, contact our team of Entertainment Experts. 

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