Rudolf Viszokay

Saxophonist Barcelona

Accomplished musician will set the perfect tone at your event
Can perform a wide array of musical styles to suit all tastes
Talented DJ and saxophonist can combine skills or perform solo
Past clients include Swarovski, Voortrakker, Tanqueray & more
Based in Barcelona and available to perform at events worldwide

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A versatile performer who is sure to create a stylish and sophisticated atmosphere at your event, our brilliant DJ and saxophonist Rudolf brings a wealth of experience and a charismatic stage presence to every performance.

Able to play a wide repertoire of musical genres, including chill out, house, jazz, funk, and soul; Rudolf will appeal to the masses and provide an exceptional musical experience. A skilled DJ as well as musician, he can perform on the saxophone whilst mixing music, or provide a solo sax performance.

Passionate and professional, our talented saxophonist will deliver quality entertainment for your event.