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Singing Waiters South Africa

Sparkling humour & stunning vocals combine to create a fantastic show
Characters inc. dashing head waiter, French head chef & a third singer
Scenarios, characters and song list can be tailored to suit your needs
Perfect for weddings, corporate functions, gala dinners & exclusive events
Based in South Africa & available to perform at events worldwide

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This exciting surprise act is perfect for weddings, corporate functions, gala dinners and exclusive events and is sure to have all your guests singing and dancing along!

Filled with sparkling humour and incredible operatic vocals, this fantastic show features a dashing head waiter, French head chef and a third singer and each end up vying for the spotlight in front of your guests! 

Here is the scenario: the French Head chef interrupts your event to explain that he is leaving South Africa to return to Paris and proceeds to ask the audience if he can sing a song for them. As he begins to sing badly, the dashing head waiter rushes to shoo him off the stage and to make up for mishap performs a fine vocal display himself! The chef, incensed, returns to surprise everyone with a stunning virtuoso vocal performance, and just as the duo begin to entertain together a third singer and waiter also takes to the stage, interrupting the duo with flair and style. Together they each try and top the other, singing a stunning array of arias interspersed with hilarious dialogue! 

A show that is designed to delight, entertain and have everyone cheering for more at the end of the night, this impressive surprise act will not fail to disappoint!

With characters, songs and scenarios that can all be tailored to suit your exact requirements and vision, it is also an act that offers unique versatility.