Sleepless Night

Sleepless Aerial Show

Award winning aerialist & acrobats performing unique shows
'Sleepless' is a visual feast recounting the story of a sensual seduction
Elegant and powerful performance- suitable for on stage
Performers also offer a comical 'Pillow fight' show
Based in Berlin, Germany and available to perform Worldwide

Sleepless Aerial Show VIDEOS

Sleepless Aerial Show PHOTOS

This amazing duo of artists perform two unique shows which include imagination, wow factor and amazing acrobatics that is guaranteed to leave audiences breathless with wonder.

This act creates amazing and enticing experiences that will provide an unforgettable evening.

  • This visual feast recounts the fascinating story of a sensual seduction.  With plenty of passion and mystery this innovative show will impress audiences with its elegance and powerful performance.
  • SHOW1 - Sleepless Night
  • Full of comedy and vitality this energetic show is wild refreshing and fast-paced.  This entertaining spectacle starts with a conflict in the middle of the night and escalates in to a fast paced pillow fight!
  • SHOW2 – The Pillow Fight
  • ZDF
  • Tempodrom Berlin
  • Crystal Palace in Leipzig
  • Berlin State Opera
  • Eckard Witzigmann Palazzo
  • At the chancellery in Berlin TIPI
  • Roncallis Apollo Variety
  • Schmidt's Theatre in Hamburg
  • Chameleon Berlin cabaret
  • GOP vaudeville
  • Stella - Musical theater
  • Circus Sarrasani
  • MDR - TV Ballet
  • Bregenz Festival

" Open mouthed, the spectators witnessed in amazement the cloth acrobatics of the show. The duo performed with intoxicating sensuality, and both performers beautifully and gracefully soared above the bed. At the end, a feathery dream of white and blue floated to the ground – breathtaking! "

-  Märkische Newspaper