Marlissa Hudson

Soprano Marlissa

Exceptional vocal talent will astound audiences at your event
Has been described as ’superb lyric coloratura’
Performs a fantastic repertoire of opera, classical and jazz
Ideal for corporate functions, ceremonies, concerts, gala dinners & more
Based in Washington D.C. and available to perform at events worldwide

Soprano Marlissa VIDEOS

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Our fantastic classically trained soprano will wow audiences at your event with her incredible performance, amazing your guests with her impressively powerful voice, engaging stage presence, and highly emotive and unique renditions.

Performing an impressive repertoire of opera, oratorio, classical and jazz, our gifted soprano will put on an outstanding show at your event, infusing any occasion with sophistication and class and truly making your function one to remember.

Demonstrating phenomenal vocal talent, this soprano will delight all who hear her through her rich, expressive voice and impeccable pitch, delivering a moving performance every time she takes to the stage. Ideal for corporate functions, concerts, gala dinners, ceremonies and more, enquire today about bringing this incredible vocal talent to your event.