String Theory Productions

String Collaborative Ensemble

An incredible collaborative show combining music, dance & projections
Able to customise their stage shows both musically & visually
Demonstrate high-energy kinetic movement & harp-dance installations
Transform environments & architecture into giant musical instruments
Based in Los Angeles & available to perform at events worldwide

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String Collaborative Ensemble is a hybrid performance group combining music, dance, projections, and their signature gigantic immersive harp installations.

Extremely adaptable and flexible in their approach, they can customise their shows both musically and visually, producing a highly original stage show every time. Demonstrating anything from high-energy kinetic movement and harp-dance propelled by percussion, to ambient elegant and classical background repertoire.

Utilising invented instruments and sonic sculpture to create their unique performance landscape and sonic footprint, this string ensemble are critically acclaimed for their large-scale performance installations that transform environments and architecture into giant musical instruments.

It is extremely rare to find the balance of elegance, surprise, visual and sonic impact that String Collaborative Ensemble delivers. Their effortless blend of combined mediums leave a stunning and lasting impression on guests, attendees and audience members.

" Absolutely incredible "

BBC World News

" You were magnificent last night and added immeasurably to the success of the evening with David Byrne & Trent Reznor. Loved watching you and hearing you! "

Louise Steinman - Cultural Programs Director, ALOUD LA Series

" I just want to extend our thanks, once again to you and the group for a great performance last night! You all did a great job and we appreciate your flexibility and professionalism in the face of change and chaos! We truly look forward to working with you again and wish you all the best "

Maile Akana - Mana Allison & Associates, Inc.

" With hints of classical composition here and there as well as colours from around the world, at their core, they are a rock band, pushed ahead by their highly evolved approach to songwriting and genre-mixing. They capture an individual ambience, casting a spell of receptivity over their listeners. It's rare to find such creativity and agility. "

CD Baby review

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