Cvartet Anima

Stylish String Quartet

Sensational string quartet will bring sophistication and class to your event
Live music entertainment with professional musicians for unforgettable performance
Musical ensemble perform classical, opera, pop, film scores, rock, jazz, and more
Ideal for weddings, parties, gala dinners, ceremonies, corporate functions, etc.
String act available to hire for events in Bucharest and across Romania

Stylish String Quartet VIDEOS

Stylish String Quartet PHOTOS

This fantastic string quartet promise to make your event an absolutely unforgettable occasion as they provide unbelievable live music entertainment for all to enjoy. An exceptional musical ensemble comprised of professional musicians with a wealth of experience, this accomplished string act will create the perfect ambience at your event, invoking a feeling of sophistication and class with their stylish performance. 

Dedicated to making each performance a unique and extraordinary experience, our talented string quartet combine professionalism, passion, and an engaging stage presence in order to supply you with musical excellence. Performing on the violin, viola, and cello, this wonderful musical ensemble create a rich and diverse tapestry of sound in their own signature style, infusing any event with a relaxed and elegant atmosphere.

Versatile performers, our experienced and professional musicians are able to offer a wide repertoire of music that will have mass appeal and cater to all tastes at your special occasion. An eclectic and varied mix, our string act play a great assortment spanning the decades and genres, including classical, pop, rock, film scores, jazz, evergreen, lounge, folk, and plenty more besides. Tailoring each set to your event in order to meet your exact requirements, our wonderful instrumentalists know just what to play and when to ensure that each and every moment of the occasion is memorable, and are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Able to provide both ambient background music or a high energy live stage show on either classical or electric violins, our stylish female string quartet are ideal for private parties, weddings, gala dinners, corporate events, awards ceremonies, cocktail receptions and more, and are available to book for events in Bucharest and throughout Romania. 

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