DDC Break Dancing Crew - Swing

Swing Breakdance Crew

This swing breakdance crew perform fast paced and dynamic shows that impress all audiences
Award winning swinging breakdance show was crowned Europe's Best Dance Act
Exceptional dance show that is adaptable and filled with swing music
Finalists of Germany's Got to Dance TV Show
Based in Germany and available for worldwide bookings

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An award winning Swing Breakdance Crew that was crowned Europe’s Best Dance Act, also qualified for the finals in Germany’s Got to Dance TV show, impressing judges and audiences on a global scale. These exceptional break dancers boast a dynamic performance that strike a chord with all audiences. 

Merging intricate dance routines that create a dynamic dance show, our wonderful break dancers provide a fascinating look into the world of street dance, a multi talented art performance that leaves audiences with unforgettable memories packed with loud music and heart pounding dance moves. Our professional street dancers perform with high intensity, elegance, and complete dedication, showcasing a host of strapping costumes, partner work and dynamic choreography.

Fusing old school dance with contemporary break dance these versatile performers tell a story through movement that features excising new moves, funny sketches and phenomenal synchrony between performers.

Guaranteed to capture the attention of all audiences from start to finish this dynamic performance showcases the very best of contemporary street dance as our performers seamlessly link the old with the new in a fun and thrilling show that is packed with theatrics and flair.

With a trademark that presents breakdance in a new and unique way, our dances combine swing music with current charts and classical breakdance music with an artistic edge. 

Having represented Germany at the Wuqiao International Circus Festival in China, the group received the award of Special Prize for Excellent Performance before going on to win the Publics Choice Award at the International Circus Festival in Basel. 

Available in a variety of options, our talented break dancers provide the perfect dance show experience for private events, corporate functions, gala dinners, drink receptions, variety festivals, family days, TV appearances and much more.

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