Synchronized Swimming Team USA

A choreographed water themed entertainment option that's astonishing live.
Our water artists bring expertise and amazement with each of their shows.
Synchronized Swimmers perform water show that will captivate the audience.
Hire this unique entertainment on water for your next corporate event, festival, and more.
Book our exquisite water shows in North America and worldwide.

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Synchronized Swimmers available to hire to perform shows with water, amazing costumes and live music. Our amazing water artists provide the ultimate water themed entertainment. Water shows complete with synchronized swimming team are unique and amazing to see live! 

Our fully-trained and beautiful synchronized swimming team is ready to bring a new, aquatic type of cultural flair to your event or gathering. Our water artists are immensely choreographed to the point where your guests will be instantly wondering how much time these ladies spend in the pool instead of on dry land and will have younger guests captivated by our performers' mermaid-like movements.

Our sensational water themed entertainment will impress guests beyond belief as our swimmers show off their strength, endurance, keen eye for detail, grace, and beauty. Our performers display some of the best breathing techniques while whisking through the water performing highly-skilled routines both above and below the water. Our US-based synchronized swimmers will have audiences in amazement while providing a great interactive experience that's sure to leave a lasting impression on everyone in attendance. If you're looking for the wow factor for your upcoming event, look no further.

Our phenomenal synchronized swimmers have years of training and have even showcased their hard work with various TV appearances and big screen debuts. Our swimmers are highly-trained professionals and are able to work around any theme you might throw at them with exact precision and are available for festivals, private events, corporate events, and much more.

If you're truly looking for one of a kind shows with water that will surely have guests talking after the event, than I suggest booking our lovely synchronized swimming team. If you're interested in more information about booking our performers than you will want to get in contact with one of our lovely team members that will make sure the entertainment headed to your upcoming event or gathering is truly a mind blowing experience that you or your guests will have a hard time forgetting.

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