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The Amazing Bubble Man

The Bubble Man

Exciting interactive bubble show will delight audiences of all ages
Highly professional performer with over 30 years of experience
Can incorporate lessons about science into his performances
Perfect for science fairs, festivals, corporate events, private parties…
Based in California & available to perform at events worldwide

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This bubble artist has been creating bubble shows for audiences of all ages to enjoy since 1983, and after three decades he is still in the business of delighting audiences with his bubble creations!

His exciting shows feature a number of mind-blowing bubble tricks such as people inside of bubbles and square bubbles, he also uses shaped bubbles in a number of fun interactive activities including bubble brains, trampoline bubbles, trumpet bubbles and William Tell bubbles. In addition to his traditional bubble show he also offers educational shows, using bubbles as a medium to skilfully explain physics, chemistry, geometry and aerodynamics to children and students. A born comic, even his educational shows are still hilariously funny.

Touring the world yearly, performing from Hawaii to the UK, Europe and Asia, he brings his unique brand of entertainment to a range of festivals, private parties, corporate events and schools. Utterly captivating, he will WOW audiences at any event!


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