Ugesh Sarcar

The Ultimate Magician

Sensational mind reader will grasp the minds of guests as he reveals all.
Explosive magic show will captivate guests of all ages.
Dazzling interactive entertainment that'll put guests in the spotlight.
Hire street magic experiences ideal for corporate events, theatre performances, and more.
Book close up magician available for booking across India.

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Book our exhilarating live magic show that'll captivate guests of all ages, our marvellous close up magician will fill your venue with wonderful atmospheric magic tricks including street magic illusions, mind reading, and levitating. Our highly skilled mind reader will spellbound guests throughout your event, keeping them entertained and at the edge of their seat. A unique and interactive entertainment option provides you with an assortment of magic tricks and illusions that can be fine tuned to fit within most themes and styles. Our reality bending magic show will take your event to the top.

Creating numerous conversational topic points, our mind bending close up magician will get inside guests' heads and mess with their sense of reality as he performs impossible feats of mental trickery. A renowned mind reader, our performer will have guests' jaws on the floor as he reveals information about them that they might have forgotten themselves. An incredible interactive entertainment experience filled to the brim with wonderful street magic that can be shown as a full blown stage show or as a more intimate magic filled affair. Taking the magic scene by storm, our close up magician is ready to leave a lasting impression at your special occasion.

Performing his mind blowing magic tricks for high profile corporations such as Google, Ink Talks, and Tedx to name just a few of the high calibre clients our magician has performed for. The ideal interactive entertainment option for corporate events, PR stunts, festivals, private parties, street performance, and so much more. Guests will leave your event with a new sense of reality and unforgettable memories.

If you'd like to book our remarkable close up magician for your upcoming event or gathering, contact our always helpful team of entertainment experts who'll answer all of your questions, and guide you through our booking process.

  • Tedx
  • SAP
  • Google
  • Ink Talks
  • Azure

" Compact, captivating and quick paced series of unexpected twist and turn of events blows your logical mind away "

Sunil Rao, Country Head Startups, Google

" Witnessed the magic of the ultimate magician at #INK2014 & it was stunning! You put our faith back into magic in life "

Akancha Srivastava, Founder Director, Azure