Domino Blue - Oasis Circus Show

Theatrical Cirque Show

Renowned circus troupe perform stunning feats of singing, acting, strength, balance and poise
Stunning costumes, sets, props and make-up will create lasting memories
Our acrobatic show is a combination of exceptional singing, theatrics and circus skills blended together to tell a compelling story
Perfect for after dinner entertainment, corporate events, theatres shows, circuses and more
Based in Vienna, Austria, our Theatrical Cirque Show is available for international bookings

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Created and performed by a renowned circus troupe, our Theatrical Cirque Show is a sight to behold. 

A stunning theatre show perfect for after dinner entertainment, our acrobatic show is a combination of exceptional singing, theatrics, dance and circus skills blended together to tell a compelling story. 

A splendid and wealthy city in the desert is warned by the Gods to show reverence for nature, but ignoring the caution, the city’s people carry on living in abundance. Angered, the water Goddess withdraws her water leaving the city’s earth burned and dry. Can the people change their ways and prove their worth to the Gods in exchange for water and life to be returned? 

A spectacular acrobatic show, our circus troupe performs aerial gymnastics, fire stunts, and incredible stunts of strength, balance and poise. Together with incredible light shows, costumes, sets and make-up, our circus troupe deliver an incredible theatre show for after dinner entertainment. 

The brainchild of a husband and wife team, our acrobatic show is one of the spectacular productions they have worked on and created together. A gifted actress, dancer and singer with many years of classical training, our female artist is a graduate of the Vienna Conservatory of Music and was a member of the Vienna Opera Ensemble for four years. 

Her husband is a visionary composer, arranger, producer and director, with many years of experience in Austria and internationally. 

Scarlett Entertainment offers a huge range of after dinner entertainment for events across Europe, the US, Middle East, Asia and beyond. Discover ore of our stunning theatre shows produced by visionary circus troupes, singers, artists and performers. 

To book our Theatrical Cirque Show to wow your guests with a circus and theatre extravaganza, get in touch with our team of Entertainment Experts who will be happy to help with any of your after dinner entertainment queries.