Masquerade Dancers

Themed Masquerade Dancers

Sensational masquerade dancers will amaze guests with their fabulous costumes and elegant dance routines
Graceful Venetian dancers perfect for full stage shows or exciting flash mobs at events, parties and festivals
Brilliant themed dancers can teach your guests traditional dance moves in a fun and interactive show
Dance show has thrilled audiences for Orchard, Allergan, York Racecourse and many more
Amazing masquerade party available for events throughout the UK

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Book our elegant masquerade dancers for a glamorous and exciting dance extravaganza at your event. Our fantastic Venetian dancers are just the thing for making a big impression on guests with their fabulous costumes and energetic dance routines. Turn any corporate event, party or occasion into an alluring masquerade party with these fantastic dancers and their thrilling show. Our dance show is perfect for entertaining guests at dinner parties or corporate events and can also be performed as an exciting and fun filled flash mob to bring the wow factor to your product launch, themed party or festival. Book our incredible themed dancers and bring a stylish and sophisticated atmosphere to your event that any audience will love.

Our masquerade dancers are perfect for transporting guests to a classy Venetian masquerade party with their authentic costumes and classic, beautiful dance choreography. Our dance show can be performed anywhere and the stunning lifts, spins and dance moves our incredible themed dancers perform will definitely impress your guests. 

Our versatile performers can offer a range of entertainment options, from a full dance show to a surprising and delightful flash mob, where our dancers spontaneously burst into dance for a thrilling and fun filled routine. Our Venetian dancers can also offer an interactive dance show where they give your guests the chance to learn some fantastic dance moves and perform them as part of the show. This all encompassing dance show is perfect for any sixed event and can be performed with anywhere from 6 to 12 dancers for a fully flexible and dynamic show.

At Scarlett Entertainment we offer you a fantastic range of themed dancers in every style and theme under the sun.

To book our magnificent Themed Masquerade Dancers for your corporate event, festival or party contact our expert team.

" The dancers were amazing, very professional, helpful and gorgeous!!! The costumes were just what the client wanted and the whole show was a huge success. I will definitely book them again and recommend them to everyone "

Mark Parker, Director - AV Matrix

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