Duo Polonsky

Twin Acrobatic Act

Truly incredible acrobatic performances by twin brothers
Technically challenging and inspiring acrobatic moves
Power of balance merged with graceful and elegant choreographed moves
A great entertainment choice for corporate events and product launches
Based in Ukraine & available to perform at events worldwide

Twin Acrobatic Act VIDEOS

Twin Acrobatic Act PHOTOS

Super talented acrobatic twin brother duo act features an amazing hand balancing act, with colourful costumes, set to music.

Together, the pair perform awe-inspiring, technically challenging, acrobatic moves and balances together including, Hand-to-Hand, balancing and floor acrobatics. It proves to be a show that will not disappoint.

The duo have worked all over the world, in galas, circus shows, night clubs and special events and also won second place in the “The Young Circus Of Ukraine” Festival. This truly incredible acrobatic and balancing act is wonderfully complex and amazes with the ease of which these two talented performers execute.

The acrobatic, twin brother duo, really are one of a kind!