Showstoppers - The Rio Experience

UK Rio Carnival Dancers

Fabulous Samba dancers bring the spirit of Mardi Gras celebrations to any occasion
Carnival dancers come with stunning and colourful authentic Brazilian costumes
Offer freestyle dancing right up to large-scale fully choreographed Samba show
Upscalable with Capoeira acrobats, drummers and fire breathers
Based in the UK, this Rio Carnival entertainment is available worldwide

UK Rio Carnival Dancers VIDEOS

UK Rio Carnival Dancers PHOTOS

Embrace the spirit of Brazilian celebrations with this totally fabulous Rio Carnival entertainment. Our glorious UK Rio Carnival Dancers have the most exotic and vibrant costumes that come all the way from Brazil just like the ones seen on the streets of Rio during celebrations and they'll bring a splash of colour to any occasion. 

Create a Mardi Gras experience with Samba dancers

You can hire our UK Rio Carnival Dancers to accompany any type of Brazilian or carnival themed event throughout the UK. The beautiful Samba dancers have stunning authentic costumes and their hip-shaking, body twisting moves are guaranteed to captivate audiences and immerse them in a proper Mardi Gras experience. The Samba dancers are available with full body suits for more sensitive events where skin on show is not appropriate. 

Samba dancers, live music and more

Offering a full Mardi Gras experience wherever they can, there are several tailorable options for clients to have the best possible Rio Carnival entertainment at their event. The team will work on bespoke productions based around the fabulous Samba dancers with upscalable options. Our UK Rio Carnival Dancers can be booked with accompanying acts such as Capoeira acrobats, drummers and fire breathers. 

Rio Carnival Entertainment for events in the UK

Our UK Rio Carnival Dancers and accompaniments have already been booked for weddings, festivals, birthday parties and many cultural events in the UK and abroad. From freestyle shows with as little as just two Samba dancers to full choreographed Samba shows with high-octane drumming creating an authentic South American soundtrack with an incredible dance show, all the options are there to suit individual needs.  

If you're looking to create a Mardi Gras experience, don't hesitate to contact us about booking this wonderful Rio Carnival Entertainment. 


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