Michael Speranza - Contact Juggler and Fire/LED Artist

Variety Circus Performer Perth

Exuberant and diverse pirate entertainer to amaze and amuse your guests.
Roaming circus performer will delight your guests with quick fire tricks, juggling, fire eating and much more.
Amazing fire act builds to an explosive finale that will leave guests amazed.
Mesmerising LED act will enthral with colour changing and the full range of LED tricks.
Multi talented and high-energy cabaret act available for corporate events and parties across Australia and worldwide.

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Set your sights on top quality swashbuckling entertainment with our pirate entertainer, the endlessly entertaining one man show with more tricks up his sleeve than any other performer on the seven seas! Our versatile and quick witted circus performer will amaze and amuse guests non-stop with his huge array of circus tricks and exuberant pirate persona. This cabaret act is full of surprises and promises to deliver a night of non-stop fun and entertainment. A natural and hilarious performer, this pirate entertainer is highly skilled in acts including contact juggling, LED acts, fire acts, circus tricks and much more besides. This versatile performer will keep the tricks coming all day, and with his quick wit and brilliant pirate aesthetic he is sure to bring a smile to everyone he encounters.

Our swashbuckling pirate entertainer offers a fantastic roving performer service where he will interact with your guests and amaze them with his quick draw LED tricks, fire eating, juggling and his interactive slinky arm! This fantastic, high energy roaming performance will surprise and delight guests at any event with its inventiveness and our performer’s natural exuberance. For a full cabaret style show our circus performer can also perform a mesmerising LED act featuring colour changing light manipulation and a whole array of dazzling tricks and tools.

Turn up the intensity with a breathtaking fire act. This 5 to 15 minute display builds from an enticing start to a dangerously explosive finish that will have audiences on their feet. Our pirate performer has also endeared himself to audiences across the world with this extraordinary cabaret act focusing on contact juggling and neo circus showmanship. Whatever your event, our sensational pirate performer has something to offer.

Scarlett Entertainment brings you the best and most talented cabaret and circus performers to roam with your guest or take centre stage. Contact our expert team to arrange booking one of our fabulous acts.

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