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Ron Smith

Vegas Emcee

Highly experienced event host will take your special occasion to the next level
Skilled emcee brings professionalism and distinction to every performance
Fantastic event service with great compere ensuring everything runs smoothly
Ideal for ceremonies, conferences, gala dinners, cabarets, product launches, etc.
Presenter available to hire for events in Las Vegas and across the US

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This accomplished event host is guaranteed to make all the difference at your celebrations, taking the occasion from average to exceptional with his professional attitude and magnetic stage persona. An experienced emcee, our brilliant presenter provides an essential event service as he guides audiences through the occasion, ensuring that everything runs smoothly from start to finish and that attendees are fully engaged in the action the whole way through. Certain to prove a popular choice at your function, our compere is the perfect solution for all your event needs.

A professional stage performer with a wealth of experience, our talented emcee has an extensive background in commercials, radio, film, and television, as well as having carried out many event hosting opportunities, making him a versatile and dynamic presenter for all occasions. Tailoring each performance to suit his style to the requirements of the event, this gifted master of ceremonies understands the importance of performing his role in a timely and interesting manner in order to keep things moving at a steady pace whilst creating an atmosphere of expectation in your audience.

Guaranteed to make your event a success, our compere is able to build a great rapport with guests from the moment he steps on stage, and can improvise with ease and efficiency should the need arise. Always well prepared, this adept event host effectively communicates brand messages, introductions, and announcements, sets the tone, and keeps the audience’s focus where it should be, making sure that it is a memorable occasion for all the right reasons.

Delivering an exceptional event service every time, your hosting needs are in safe hands with our skilled presenter, and he is bound to be the ideal fit for conferences, product launches, gala dinners, ceremonies, cabarets, seminars, corporate events and more. This emcee is available to book for events in Las Vegas and throughout the US.

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