Marc Dossetto

Video Mapping Illusionist Marc

Provides truly action packed video mapping illusion and magic shows
Digital magic show is innovative and will mesmerise audiences with mind-blowing technology and special effects
Fuses spectacular multimedia, theatre and magic tricks to create immersive show perfect for corporate entertainement
Original projects have been given international recognition and technology based entertainment option has been performed worldwide
Video mapping magician is based in France and available to perform at events worldwide

Video Mapping Illusionist Marc VIDEOS

Video Mapping Illusionist Marc PHOTOS

Hire video mapping digital magician and illusion stage show for a one of a kind interactive magic experience. 

Prepare to be amazed as our professional illusionist and magician Marc combines technology, illusion and what can only be described as real magic to create an immersive viewing experience. A fantastic option for large audiences, the magic stage show takes traditional magic illusions and tricks and transforms them into digital viewing experiences. Using the power of video mapping and digital projection, Marc has designed graphics to enhance his tricks and illusions. 

The animated magic show is the perfect corporate entertainment option as it combines the fun element of a traditional magic show with a innovative technology which makes it unique. Combining multimedia, theatre and magic, Marc is a true magic performer. He works hard on perfecting his art and the magic show is complete with music, costumes and assistants for maximum impact. 

Inviting you to discover a truly artistic world, Marc’s unique performances captivate the hearts and minds of every audience member. His original and spectacular projects have given international recognition and are perfect for WOWing audiences at corporate events, private parties and more. 

Book magic shows with confidence, contact our entertainment specialists who can take care of all the finer details for you and ensure your next event entertainment is the best you've ever had!

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