Vicky Butterfly - The Glamourists Magic Stage Show

Vintage Illusions Show

Glamorous magic, sleight of hand, illusions and tricks will sweep you back in time to the golden age of magic
Hire a grand illusionist and his beautiful burlesque-inspired assistant for a sophisticated, theatrical performance
Vintage themed magic show will wow guests with dreamlike sorcery
Stunning stage magic show is perfect for cabaret clubs, corporate events, after-dinner entertainment, vintage themed events and more
Based in Essex, UK, our Vintage Illusions Show is available for international events

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Vintage-themed Magic Show

Looking to hire a grand illusionist for a sophisticated soiree or vintage-themed event? Our Vintage Illusions Show delivers dreamlike sorcery and stunning theatrical illusions performed by an exceptional magician and renowned burlesque performer. 

Glamorous Magic

Performed with live doves, stunning Faberge egg prop, and award-winning themed set, our glamorous magic duo will sweep guests back in time to a golden era of magic and cabaret. Offering a range of couture costumes including black tie, evening tail suit, and unique outfits in a number of colour combinations, this stage magic show is sure to stun in a flurry of velvet, ostrich feathers and silk. 

An Array of Grand Illusions

  • Our artists offer a number of performance combinations including:
  • Artists picture frame appearance illusion
  • Floating table 
  • Razorblade swallow 
  • Zig-Zag Puzzle woman illusion 
  • Multiplying fans 
  • Unique fibre-optic fan act 
  • Transformation of girl to dove 
  • Bubble magic performance 
  • Dancing handkerchief 
  • Butterfly snowstorm  
  • Butterfly levitation and mid-air vanish 
  • Snowglobe card act
  • Faberge Egg vanish with dove finale 

Award Winning Solo Artists Join Forces

Both award-winning headline artists in their own right, together our grand illusionist and burlesque performer have pooled their talents to devise unique illusions to create a beautiful vintage themed magic show. Our magician is a member of the Magic Circle lecturing and performing all over the world for high-end clients such as Rolls Royce, while our magician’s assistant has been an integral pioneer of Europe’s neo-burlesque revival, requested for shows across the globe and featured as an expert in documentaries for the BBC. Discover our Burlesque dancer’s additional acts.
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