Katica Illényi - Vocalist and Violinist

Violinist Katica Illényi

An incredibly talented violinist who is perfect for adding a touch of class to any event
With over 25 years of professional performance experience, you can rest assured you're in extremely capable hands
Recipient of the Artist of Merit of Hungary Award,  Artisjus Award, Franz Liszt Award and more
Her diverse repertoire includes classical music, as well as jazz, swing, and more
Also available as a renowned singer and theremin player, making her extremely versatile

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This multitalented violin player has many strings to her bow, and will wow with her dynamic, varied performances.

From ABBA to Bach, award-winning and classically trained violinist Katica is a truly versatile and unique musical entertainer. Her hauntingly beautiful melodies and upbeat, dynamic renditions of chart hits will delight all, however, she has other strings to her bow! She not only plays the violin in a stunning style but also sings and dances wonderfully too.

Katica even plays the theremin, an electronic instrument that you may know, or something new that will surprise you! Rapidly becoming world-renowned with more than 15 million YouTube views and performances globally, her totally fresh and original shows incorporate violin music, dance and vocals to utterly enchant at concerts, galas and more.

To find out more, and book this multitalented artist for your event, contact our team

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