Virtual Reality Headset

Exciting virtual reality experiences for both children and adults will be an instant hit at your event
Augmented reality specialists will elevate your levels of adrenaline with different virtual reality apps
Previous clients include Renault, Phillips, Orange, T-Mobile, Unilevel and Adampol, among others
Virtual reality games can be an ideal entertainment option for trade fairs, product launches, exhibitions, etc.
This Virtual Reality Headset is available for bookings in Poland and available worldwide

Virtual Reality Headset PHOTOS

Amaze guests at your upcoming event by giving them the opportunity to live unforgettable virtual reality experiences. This type of entertainment is possible by booking this Virtual Reality Headset, a sophisticated gadget that makes it possible to feel the adrenaline running through your veins without leaving a room.

The VR games for events that this augmented reality specialists offer include:

  • Horror: An app created for brave participants who are not afraid to face their worst fears. Participants will feel as part of a horror film and feel genuine fear when unknown creatures pop up behind them
  • Adrenaline: Adventurous participants will enjoy the excitement of riding a rollercoaster and other amusement park’s rides and attractions
  • The tourist: Guests at your event will have the opportunity to explore different cities and locations around the world by only wearing this virtual reality headset
  • Children games: Little ones can meet their favourite superheroes or watch circus shows closely thanks to our augmented reality specialists

All the above virtual reality experiences will ensure your event is one to be remembered. These virtual reality games have been a huge success at events held by renowned brands and companies such as Renault, Phillips, Orange, T-Mobile, Unilever or Adampol. Especially suitable for tech events, these virtual reality games can also be an instant hit at trade fairs, product launches, exhibitions, festivals, etc.

Scarlett Entertainment offers these and other VR Games for events and occasions in Poland and all over the world.

To book this sensational Virtual Reality Headset, contact our in-house team of Entertainment Experts today and make an enquiry. They will be happy to provide further details on these virtual reality games and assist you in the booking process. 

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