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Walk Around Spider

Possibly the largest walk around Spider Puppet in the world
Creates much hilarity as he gathers families and dives on them
Highly animated and interactive street or carnival entertainment
Has his own oversized golden light up web that can also be displayed
Based in the UK and available to perform at a events worldwide

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This international street theatre group specialize in bringing the WOW factor to your event. Whether your event is large or small in a street, mall, city square, or park, they can help make it truly memorable. The parade entertainers have performed at more than 500 shows in Britain and 40 other countries; throughout Europe and world-wide including China, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Brazil, Venezuela, the Middle East, USA, Canada and Turkey.

Walk Around Spider
The huge walk around Spider has performed in Beijing and in parades and interventions across Europe from Salamanca to Genk. Possibly the largest and most animated freestanding spider puppet in the world he creates much hilarity when he gathers families and dives on them.

He is as happy in a long parade as in a small zone intervention and can dive under aerial obstructions. He has his own golden light up web and has travelled the world with performances in China, Rumania, Doha and all over Europe.