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WW2 Corporate Treasure Hunt

A WW2 corporate treasure hunt that brings teams together with an extraordinary experience
World War II themed London treasure hunt
Over 1km radius to find and defuse 10 bombs
A brilliant team building activity that challenges teams as well as bringing them closer together
Based in London and available throughout the UK

WW2 Corporate Treasure Hunt PHOTOS

A unique team building activity that features a WW2 corporate treasure hunt is fantastic for building on communication skills, problem solving and working together as a team. This World War II London treasure hunt is a highly immersive experience that will make you and your delegates feel like you are back in 1939.

From secret overnight comms to interrogation training you and your guests are transported back to WW2 where your offsite venue has reverted back to its role as an army control post. However, some of your team have turned against you and infiltrated the village with bombs. Working in smaller groups you’ll be racing against the clock to solve intelligence reports and intercepted spy messages, defusing the bombs before they blow your village to smithereens!

Choose from a half day or full days team building activity in Balham, or we can even bring the treasure hunt to you! The day consists of the following:

  • Everyone receives a pre event email telling them what to expect from the day
  • The activity is kicked off with an original air raid siren
  • The aim is to find codes and maps
  • After finding the codes the next step is to break them and discover the enemy’s codes to examine the extent of the threat
  • With over a 1km radius you must find and defuse the 10 bombs
  • Interrogate the spy that we recruited from your team
  • Locate the final bomb and kick back with Churchill’s favourite Gin

For a half day experience you will receive a morning or afternoon break as well as an hour debrief over drinks. 

For the full day package you will receive a morning break, two course lunch, afternoon break and unlimited drinks throughout the day.

The ultimate team building activity that will strengthen your teams bonds and build on important skills is a lot of fun and guaranteed to excite every participant. 

Booking Tips! Book our WW2 Corporate treasure hunt for a unique and immersive team building activity.

  • A fun and unique take on the traditional corporate treasure hunt
  • Minimum amount of people: 10
  • You can bring an unlimited amount of people
  • Located in Balham, London, or can travel anywhere in the UK at your own venue 
  • Comfortable shoes and weather appropriate clothing required
  • If booked for a different venue and not at their normal location in Balham a site visit may be required or our specialists may be able to work from a floor plan
  • Set up times may vary however if the team are not required to provide catering then they can be set up within 3 hours

To book our brilliant WW2 corporate treasure hunt team building activity or for more information, contact our Entertainment Specialists today!

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