Mark Hayward

Yo-Yo And Spin Top USA

Yo-yo world champion and excellent all round entertainer
Family friendly routine includes yo-yo, juggling spin top and comedy
Can tailor his performance to meet client requirements
Has appeared on The Late Show and America’s Got Talent
Based in Madison and available internationally

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Book yourself an extremely entertaining variety performer and self proclaimed cool guy. Your guests will be totally amazed with the incredible talents of our professional yo yo and spin top performer who brandishes his skills like a true world-class entertainer. You’ll be delighted to see your guest’s astonishment go up and down as the yo-yo world champion carries out his tricks.

Our variety performer’s shows are generally a dazzling experience for the viewer with yo-yo and spin top tricks, juggling, object manipulation and a good healthy dose of dry humour. This is a world-class entertainer who connects with his audience and certainly won’t string them along. The yo-yo performer often uses audience participation during his act and invites audience members on to the stage. Being yo-yo world champion means he uses his talents to amaze crowds with tricks like the atom smasher, brain twister, and old favourites like walk the dog and rock the baby. 

The world-class entertainer delivers a family friendly show that is witty and captivating. The variety performer is able to tailor his act to using only one or two of the props and can include branding or slogans. For international shows where guests do not speak English, he can perform without speech and can even incorporate music to the routine.

Our yo-yo performer’s yo-yo and spin top tricks have caught the eye of audiences all over the world and he has been seen on The Late Show with David Letterman, The Late Late Show James Corden, NBC News and America’s Got Talent.

To book the wold-class entertainer and his astounding yo-yo and spin top trick, get in touch with our team of experts at Scarlett Entertainment. 

  • Mustard Museum
  • Olympus
  • Seven Springs
  • Universal Orlando
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Pizza Magazine
  • Sheets
  • Wrigley’s
  • Mall Of America


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