90’s Singer Alexia

Sensational pop singer Alexia will dazzle audiences with her killer songs and incredible performances
Our incredible famous singer has sold five million albums worldwide and had number one singles in countries across Europe
Incredible female vocalist has had chart topping success with hit singles “Me and You”, “Tell Me How To” and “To Say No”
Latest pop music album “You Can If You Want” released in 2015 to international acclaim
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Italian pop singer Alexia is one of the most instantly recognisable international stars in pop music. Her incredible career has seen her perform to hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide, topping the charts all over Europe and selling over 5 million albums. After achieving world-topping success with international smash hit albums “Fan Club” and “The Party” and number one single “Me and You” this famous singer continues to fill venues and dazzle audiences with her electrifying pop music and inimitable style. Book this incredible Italian singer to bring some of the same exuberance, charisma and raw power that made her a star to your venue. Don’t miss the chance to book this leading female vocalist for a stunning performance.

Over the course of her incredible career our sensational pop singer has risen to the very top of the Italian and international pop music scene. With two platinum selling albums and dozens of top ten hits under her belt, this famous singer has found international success in the UK, Japan and the United States. Her newest album “You Can If You Want” was released in 2015 to international acclaim. Renowned for her ability to mix different styles including pop, rock RnB and gospel for the ultimate pop music cocktail, Alexia continues to Dazzle audiences worldwide.

Renowned for her fun, high energy and instantly catchy songs and dynamic performances, our talented Italian singer makes the perfect choice for performances at festivals and events around the world.  Few female vocalists can match her for the power, style and range of her singing or the charm and energy of her performances. 

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