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Acoustic Covers Band France

International acoustic party band that has appeared in over 30 countries
Have over 450 songs in their repertoire and can perform in 11 languages making them perfect for international events
Interact with the guests and make everyone a part of the show
Clientele includes movie stars, royalty, elite businesses and restaurants
Based in Nice, France and available to perform at events worldwide

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This acoustic quartet based in Nice, France specialize in cocktail parties and dinner entertainment. Each member of the group sings and plays an instrument, which provides their big acoustic sound.  While they perform, they interact with the guests and make everyone a part of the show.  Their repertoire consists of classic hits that everyone knows and loves, pleasing people from all age groups and nationalities.  With songs in Italian, Portuguese, French, English, Spanish, Russian, and Arabic, this Acoustic Party Band can win over any crowd.

The Band provides 3 different types of shows depending on their clients' needs. These are listed below:

• The first part of this show is an “Apero Set” consisting of light upbeat instrumental music. This set happens during a cocktail hour or as guests are arriving at the event.
• The second part of this show is when the quartet go from table-to-table playing music and interacting with the guests. This is 2 sets of approximately 20-30 minutes each and should occur between dinner courses.
• In the event the client does not want an "Apero Set," this can be substituted for a 3rd set of playing from table-to-table.

• For this show the boys perform on stage or in a fixed position and use amplification. Performing their classic repertoire, this show is best suited for parties and events with over 150 guests.

• The Combo Show is a combination of the previously mentioned shows.
• The first part is an “Apero Set” (45 minutes).
• The second part is one set of the group performing from table-to-table (20-30 minutes).
• And the final part of the show is one set on a stage performing with amplification. (35-40 minutes).

The international acoustic band have a repertoire of over 450 songs which can be performed in 11 languages. This makes the acoustic musicians perfect for international events and guests of all nationalities.

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