Perle, Micheletty & Jefferson Weber - Aerial Bike

Aerial Bike Act France

Professional aerial performer will captivate guests with his aerial performance.
Incredible aerial act that'll keep your guests at the edge of their seats.
Using a bike, our wonderful performer creates fast paced aerial routines.
Perfect circus performer for private parties, festivals, themed events, corporate functions, etc.
Book circus act for events across France.

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Treat your guests to an alluring and sensational aerial performer and circus performer who will captivate your guests with ease and success, utilizing his wonderful and expressive aerial act to showcase his amazing bike skills while being suspended in the air above your guests' heads. A memorable and fast paced live performance that is bound to leave lasting impressions and unforgettable memories. Our circus act will keep your guests at the edge of their seats, wide eyed, and filled with excitement. Our high quality aerial performance is sure to become the highlight of your social gathering.

Powerful aerial act that will tower over your social gathering, our wonderful aerial performer and circus performer performs above your guests' heads in a powerful and jolly way. Providing a host of visually appealing views, our circus act is a magnificent aerial show experience. A fantastic aerial bike performance that is both fun and dangerous act that will compliment your special event or occasion in a variety of ways. Our aerial performer will immerse our sensational aerial act into your event, to ensure your guests stayed invested from start to finish.

A phenomenal performance, our stunning and skilled aerialist is bound to leave your special event with a resounding "wow" factor that will keep your guests talking for weeks to come. Creating unlimited conversation topic starters, our outstanding aerial act and aerial performer will complete his routines in perfect synchronicity with his bike. Ensuring his performance is explosive and memorable! The perfect aerial performance that will lead your event to instant success for private parties, corporate functions, family days, themed occasions, gala dinners, drink receptions, festivals, and much more.

If you are interested in hiring our wonderful aerial performer and his incredible aerial bike experience for your next event or gathering, contact our helpful Scarlett Entertainment team who are always ready to assist with your booking needs.