Vertigo - Aerial Ring Duo

Aerial Ring Duo

Exceptional acrobatic duo will amaze and enchant guests at your event
Perform beautiful routines executed with grace and elegance
Ideal for parties, ceremonies, gala dinners, corporate functions, etc.
Past clients include Audi, Yahoo!, Adidas, Lenovo, & Hilton
Based in Bratislava and available to perform at events worldwide

Aerial Ring Duo VIDEOS

Aerial Ring Duo PHOTOS

Performing incredible routines on a steel ring suspended in mid air, our wonderful aerial acrobats are sure to astound and delight your guests as they deliver a breathtaking show demonstrating their impressive strength, flexibility, and creativity.

Lending sophistication and elegance to any occasion, this talented duo perform on the aerial hoop, or lyra, with true grace and beauty, putting on a fantastic display of expert choreography that blends dance with acrobatics for a stunning visual spectacle.

Sure to impress and amaze at your event, our brilliant aerial ring duo will bring unique and truly mesmerising entertainment to your special occasion, making it stand out well above the rest. Ideal for parties, ceremonies, gala dinners, corporate functions and more, enquire today about bringing this talented duo to your event.