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Blues Band Barcelona

Live blues musicians can fill your venue with melancholic melodies and classic blues anthems
Repertoire includes Jimmy Hendrix and other legends songs and also their own original compositions
Available in a number of lineups, can perform with a female singer with a captivating voice
Ideal live music entertainment for festivals, private parties, weddings, corporate events, etc.
This Blues Band from Barcelona is available for performances across Spain and worldwide

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By mixing contemporary and rural blues, this Blues Band from Barcelona brings together old and young sounds and melodies on one stage. These live artists can perform famous blues music songs by big names such as Jimmy Hendrix and BB King, but also their own original compositions.

Led by a passionate guitar player, vocalist, composer and producer, this group of musicians started their musical career as a trio and quickly started to collaborate with other artists. They’re currently available in a number of different lineups and they can offer shows with a captivating female vocalist that adds a touch of glamour and style to their concerts.

Their unique and fresh sound is a mixture of various music genres, but it has been defined by experts as electronic contemporary blues. Strongly influenced by legends like Jimmy Hendrix, Robert Cray or Buddy Guy, these live blues musicians can play melancholic tunes by these artists but also their own songs, poetic pieces of blues music that combine the sounds of guitars, drums, harmonic and other classic blues instruments.

With extensive experience preforming live and a vast reputation as blues specialists, this live blues band can fill your venue with both melancholy melodies, classic blues anthems from the 50s onwards and their own electrifying compositions.

Regularly performing at festivals, private parties and theatres, these live performers are suitable for a wider range of occasions and can provide live music entertainment for different situations and events. They’re happy to adapt their set list to suit your event specific requirements and make sure listeners enjoy an evening of fabulous music.

Scarlett Entertainment can offer a wide variety of live blues bands for events, parties and festivals all over the world.

To book this Blues Band from Barcelona, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today and ask to speak to one of our Entertainment Specialists. They will be more than happy to provide further details on these extraordinary live blues musicians and guide you through the booking process.



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