Les Danseuses d'Or - Bollywood Dancers

Bollywood Themed Dancers

Bollywood dancers offer fun Indian entertainment perfect for all occasions
Perform a mixture of traditional Bollywood dance & modern hip hop
Dance routines can comprise of up to eight dancers plus 4 additional performers
Perfect for weddings, corporate events, cultural celebrations & festivals
Book our Bollywood themed dancers for events in France & worldwide

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Comprised of professional Bollywood dancers and Indian dancers, our Bollywood dance troupe offers vibrant Indian entertainment, and can also perform alongside additional Bollywood performers.

Our Bollywood dance troupe will take audiences on an exciting journey to the heart of Indian. Dressed in beautiful, brightly coloured sarees adorned with extravagant detailing and beadwork, our Bollywood dancers will bring India’s vibrant Bollywood culture to your event. Their amazing dance routines encompass both traditional Bollywood and modern hip hop to create a Bollywood fusion performance that will appeal to audiences of all ages groups. Our Indian dancers’ exciting, high-energy dance routines are performed to professional backing tracks of the highest quality.

This fantastic show of Indian entertainment is the perfect way to entertain guests at weddings, corporate events and gala dinners, Indian themed parties, cultural events and festivals. Full of colour, hip-shaking rhythms and heart stopping beats our Bollywood themed entertainment is sure to capture imaginations and make a lasting impression at your event.

Exotic, elegant and entrancing to watch, our Bollywood dance group’s performances usually last from 8 to 10 minutes with up to 8 professional Bollywood dancers, but can be tailored to meet your individual entertainment needs. Additional Bollywood performers can be added to the mix such as Indian musicians, and our dancers’ elegant sarees can be swapped for glamorous isis wings!

If you would like a completely bespoke performance that has been specifically designed with your event in mind, no problem! Our Indian dancers can create a performance to your soundtrack of choice and even incorporate a VIP guest into their show.

If you’d like to know more about all of the customisable options available for our Bollywood dance troupe or to book them for your next event, get in contact with our entertainment coordinators. Don’t forget that Scarlett Entertainment as a wealth of additional Indian and Bollywood entertainment options including Indian musicians, Bollywood singers, flash mobs and dance workshops.

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