Mabò Band

Brass Band Italy

Three musicians perform street-shows with music & comic improvisation
An act that combine the perfect mix of music, fun & emotions
Have been performing for 20 years, appearing on TV, festivals & at events
They continue to export the verve & charm that sets them apart from others
Based in Monte San Giusto Italy & available to perform at events worldwide

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With 20 years of experience behind them, performing on stages, streets and TVs all over the world, this Italy based Brass Band are a musical, comedy, trio act who combine the perfect mix of music, fun and emotions.

It’s a classical street-show with music/comic improvisation that has passed 2000 performances. They have performed at German, Japanese, Canadian, French, Romanian, Russian and Italian festivals, on New Orleans’ streets and in Missouri’s theme parks.

The Brass Band provide a cocktail of music theatre; having performed at the prestigious Festival "Just pour Rire" in Canada, various exhibitions in Japan, frequent tours in Germany with the prestigious reviews of Comedy Theatre in Austria, the band continues to export the verve and charm that have set them apart for decades.