La Vinia Dans - Can Can Show

Can Can Dance Show

A vibrant and spicy dance show carried out by talented cabaret stage performers wearing gorgeous burlesque-style outfits
Live musicians can join these can can dancers on stage if live music is required at your party
Dancers interact with guests moving from table to table and encouraging them to join in the dancing
Can add colour and glamour to weddings, corporate events and burlesque theme parties
Book this Can Can Dance Show for performances in Holland and worldwide

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Bring the cheerfulness and vitality of the ‘Belle Epoque’ to your party with this lively Can Can Dance Show, an fun filledact carried out by cabaret stage performers dress in gorgeous burlesque-style outfits. These talented can can dancers will perform a varied show during which they will dance and encourage guests at your party to join in the dancing!

Transport audiences to the Paris of the beginning of the 20th century with their vibrant choreographies and can can kicks that you would only expect from the very best dancers!

These cabaret stage performers will create a party atmosphere that will get audiences up from their seats and join the fun. This Dynamic Can Can Dance Show combines the best of burlesque dancing and comedy in one single show. 

Live musicians can accompany our Can Can Dancers if your event requires live music. All these can cabaret stage performers can carry out a wide variety of acts including both stage shows and roaming performances. Their special dance ct is one of the most demanded routines among cabaret shows enthusiasts.

Once their stage show comes to an end, the best is yet to come. Our can can dancers will jump out of the stage to interact with your guests. They will dance and spin around your venue encouraging people to join in the dancing, always wearing the best of outfits: their smile!

On top of that, our amazing can can dancers can provide workshops to teach the basics movements of this dance style and they can also be positioned at the entrance of your venue to offer a warm welcome to your guests earlier in the evening.

Thus spicy and exuberant dance show will add an explosion of colour and passion to your party. Wherever these can can dancers perform, they will amaze spectators with their eye-catching burlesque-style outfits and their exciting and dynamic performance.

If you’re interested in booking this Can Can Dance Show for your upcoming themed party, evening celebration or festival, contact us today and make your enquiry.

Our entertainment coordinators will be delighted to answer all your questions and guide you trhough the booking process.


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