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Card Ninja

Unbelievable card thrower will astonish your audience and wow your guests
Extraordinary skill on display as card trickster pops balloons and pierces melons with cards
Stand up comedian brings comedy suitable for all age groups to his amazing act
Brilliant corporate entertainment option as well as for high-end special occasions for families
London-based act available for bookings worldwide

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Wow factor doesn’t come more baffling than this superlative card thrower. As a stand up comedian and skilled card trickster, he will have your audience laughing and gaping in equal measure. As a comic magician, this act is ideal for all manner of corporate entertainment, and his show is suitable for all age ranges. Whether a holiday park act that will have kids and adults alike dropping their jaws or a more mature post-dinner show at a conference, there is no audience for whom this act is not a spellbinding treat.

Coming onstage and performing some card manipulation to warm the audience up, the card thrower describes how he always wanted to be a ninja and proceeds to do ninja trials throwing cards into increasingly more difficult and risky spaces. 

Coupled with a fantastic sense of humour and an exciting, martial-arts-infused delivery, the overall effect is fun and amazement throughout. The trials get progressively more difficult and, therefore, impressive.

Throwing cards into cards, throwing cards that boomerang back to him, throwing cards to knock over smaller and smaller objects and throwing cards to embed themselves in melons, one is continually surprised by how versatile this act can be. The show culminates in a trick which introduces a sense of danger: an audience member is invited up and a balloon placed on their head, which our card thrower proceeds to pop with a thrown card.

The bigger the space that our comic magician performs in, the more impressive his act is. Imagine a card being thrown into a melon over ten metres, rather than two, and you get the picture. The act provides a sense of fun and mischief throughout and by its very nature teaches a powerful lesson in pursuing a skill regardless of how bizarre it may seem. 

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  • Society of Petroleum Engineers International (SPE Stavanger)
  • Scottish Women Insolvency Group
  • Association of Concrete Industrial Flooring Contractors (ACIFC)
  • Corporate Clients
  • Halfords Media UK
  • Adam Phones
  • Rural Industrial Design Building Association (RIDBA)
  • As well as many private clients


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