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Central Asia Quick Change Act

Stunning Central Asia themed quick change act to blow you away
Unbelievable magic performance to keep the audience on the edge of their seats
Quick change act involves our illusionist changing into several traditional oriental costumes
Award winning performance has featured on Bulgaria’s Got Talent
Based in Kyrgyzstan and available internationally

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If you’re looking to wow your audience with an incredible edge of your seat cultural magic performance then our Central Asia quick change act is exactly what you need. This is an exhilarating quick change act performed by a superbly talented illusionist and his wonderful assistant. The powerful magic performance is fast paced, energetic and leaves audiences dumbfounded as to how it is even possible. It may be a short performance, but one that will leave a lasting impression on the spectators.

Our spectacular magic performance involves a stupendous and imaginative quick change act that sees the performers quickly and magically change into new costumes within seconds. The shows includes dramatic reveals with confetti bursting out as the next traditional oriental costume comes to light. The performance is flawlessly executed right in font of your audience's eyes and captivates the viewer with shock and amazement.

Our illusionist delivers a high quality magic performance with a variety of colourful traditional oriental costumes. The costumes from Central Asia are focused on garments from Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. The music soundtracking the show reflects the traditional musical styles from those countries. Ahead of engaging the viewer with the quick change act our illusionist impresses the crowd with fire performances and manipulations with scarves, umbrellas and traditional fans.

This quick change act qualified, ranked incredibly well and reached the semi-final of Bulgaria’s Got Talent gaining much prise and recognition. With years of experience, this talented illusionist has picked up a multitude of awards including Kyrgyzstan Choice Of The Year, St.Petersburg Cultural Capital Award and Winner of Kiev Art Festival.

Based in Central Asia and available all over the world, this quick change act is suitable for audiences of all ages and almost any types of event including private parties, corporate gatherings, gala dinners, drinks receptions, and much more.

Contact us today to book this act or discuss the possibilities for your event.

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