Juggling On Tap

Circus & Tap Dance Variety Show

Remarkable circus performer ensemble captivates both young and old audience.
Sensational event tap dancers provide an electrifying atmosphere.
Exciting juggling act providing various balance options and juggling along with the live drummer.
Hire tap dancers and jugglers for private parties, corporate events, and many more.
Book unique dance show for events across the UK and worldwide.

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Bring our cultural event tap dancers to your next special event or gathering for a wonderfully delightful experience that combines the tricks of a circus performer with our highly skilled tap dancers who'll captivate guests as they infuse various circus skills. Our juggling act will instil jaw dropping entertainment for guests to marvel as they juggle along with our beautifully rhythmic live drum beats that'll fill your special occasion with a great source of fun filled entertainment. The atmosphere created by our unique dance show will take the joy of tap dancing and bring it to a fantastic stage show that features our trained event tap dancers. A fantastic dance act that'll provide a unique wow factor element to your event.

Our entertainers will juggle various objects alongside our wonderful live drummer, as well as while balancing on top of a variety of moving props to provide an eye catching spectacle. A one of a kind unique entertainment experience is what your event will receive when you book our tap dancers and juggling act. Our exceptional circus performer ensemble will keep guests at the edge of their seats performing basic acrobatic manoeuvres that includes various flips across the stage. Our event tap dancers come together in a five person performance that'll bring guests into a world filled with care free personalities and sensational beats and other musical keys.

A remarkable one hour event will make for a great dance show option for corporate events, private parties, festivals, family days, and many more. Our wonderful ensemble of talented musicians, acrobats, and tap dancers will leave a lasting impression over your event, while guests build unforgettable memories alongside our dance group.

If you're interested in booking our remarkable circus and tap dance variety show for your upcoming special occasion, contact any of our Scarlett Entertainment team members who'll help guide you through our booking process, and answer any and all questions you might have.

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