Madame Romanova

Classic Burlesque Striptease

A real beauty, our burlesque artist’s passion for her art grew from her desire to be a feminist icon
Our burlesque performer provides a range of themed routines inc. “Girl Out Of Cake”, “Champagne Shower” and “Bettie Page tribute”
Having succeeded in the Amsterdam Burlesque Awards and been inducted into the Burlesque Hall of Fame, expect a burlesque act to remember
She has performed burlesque theatre for Paris Burlesque Festival, Toronto Burlesque Festival and Piper Heidsieck Belgium Promo Tour
Book our stunning Classic Burlesque Striptease artist for events in Rotterdam and worldwide

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Entertainment is an important addition to any event. Offering guests the opportunity to relax and enjoy the occasion, we can supply a wide variety of live entertainment options to bring an extra sparkle to your special occasion. Classic Burlesque Striptease is a sensuous burlesque act performed by a stunning burlesque artist. Creating engaging shows packed full of burlesque theatre, our talented burlesque performer not only tempts audiences, she also takes voyeurs on an escapist journey to new places and old eras.

Drawn to the art form by her own feminist ideal of becoming a strong woman, our skilled burlesque performer does not disappoint with her bold yet sensitive live shows. Informing each act with elements taken from historical times, stories or influential female figures, each burlesque act will take your senses on an exquisite adventure. 

Burlesque theatre shows on offer include:
- Girl Out Of Cake: A popular surprise act for birthdays and celebrations
- Champagne Tower: Entering the room with a trolly of champagne flutes, our burlesque artist pours a glass for the audience
- Champagne Shower: Standing in a bath, our performer douses herself in champagne
- Carnival in Venice: A Venetian masquerade themed routine
- Bettie Page tribute: Paying homage to the popular erotic modern and “Queen of Pinups”
- Sally Rand tribute: An ostrich feather fan act paying tribute to Sally Rand
- Diva 1920s: A glamorous striptease inspired by the decadent 1920s
- Showgirl: A celebratory routine with confetti, magic, striptease and a sensual fan dance
- Show with the snakes: Our artist is joined by a special guest…
- Queen of Hearts: A beautiful blend of magic and burlesque
and many more!

Our artist has performed for many high profile clients and events including Paris Burlesque Festival, Toronto Burlesque Festival & Piper Heidsieck Belgium Promo Tour, as well as succeeding in the Amsterdam Burlesque Award 2015 and being inducted into the Burlesque Hall of Fame 2014. A high end performer for corporate functions, gala dinners and festivals, sit back, relax and enjoy a Classic Burlesque Striptease.

For more information, contact our expert team at Scarlett Entertainment today.

  • Amsterdam Burlesque Award 2014
  • London Burlesque Festival 2013
  • Paris Burlesque Festival 2012
  • Piper Heidsieck Belgium Promo tour 2011
  • Amsterdam Burlesque Award 2015
  • Burlesque Hall of Fame 2014
  • Munich Burlesque Festival 2013
  • Toronto Burlesque Festival 2012
  • Caput Mundi International Burlesque Award 2015

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