Close Up Magician Nice

Specialises in close up strolling magic & comedy stage show magic
Show is based on humour, gags, laughter & numerous visual effects
In demand to perform at corporate events, weddings & parties
Can perform fluently in English
Based in Nice & available to perform at events throughout France

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This hugely talented magician based in Nice can perform amongst guests (mix and mingle), table to table or as a complete show depending on the venue and event type.

Tanguy's close up magic involves the use of cards, coins, bank notes, a ring, a wallet, foam balls, a rope, a newspaper, a glass, a fork, a spoon, a cigarette, in fact any everyday object one might need for an unrehearsed trick.  This performance is perfect for birthday parties, private receptions, weddings, restaurant meals, cocktails parties, seminars, cruise receptions and corporate events.

Tanguy's type of magic is based on numerous visual effects, gags, humour and it creates a pleasant, funny and very friendly atmosphere.  His close-up performance also includes many tricks of mentalism (like telepathy, telekinesis, divination ) with astonishing effects that will leave the guests speechless and provide them with an unforgettable souvenir.

Professional magician Tanguy can also present a magic show in a cabaret style, it can last from 20 minutes to an hour, with or without table magic, but always with funny, visual, spectacular, original interactive tricks.

Let yourself be drawn into a world of illusion where you’ll be surprised and carried away by astonishing effects that will thrill you and your friends for an exceptional and unforgettable night!!!...